Developed and Formulated by Experts

Our product has been developed and formulated by a board-certified Pharmacist and poison license holder with 16 years of extensive experience in the Pharmacy industry.

Research and Development Timeline:

R&D Initiated in 2021:

The journey of research and development for our product commenced in 2021, driven by a commitment to creating a revolutionary skincare solution.

Product Completion in 2022:

After a meticulous development process, the product was completed in 2022, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

Product Testing and Validation:

Stability Testing

Rigorous stability testing has been conducted to ensure the quality and efficacy of the product, meeting the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Clinical Trials on Volunteers

Since January 2023, our product has been tested on over 40 volunteers with various skin types, gathering valuable insights and feedback.

Scientific Validation

Data Collection for Clinical Studies

Comprehensive studies and data collection have been conducted to support the clinical efficacy of our product, demonstrating its potential as a groundbreaking skincare solution.

Regulatory Compliance

Our product has undergone extensive regulatory compliance procedures, including stability tests, lab tests, and notification/registration processes, ensuring its adherence to industry guidelines.

Innovative Formula

Combination of Active Ingredients

Our product is curated with a unique blend of 3-5 active ingredients, each serving a distinct purpose of action on the skin, resulting in a multifaceted skincare solution.

Safety and Stability

One of our most significant accomplishments is the successful combination of these active ingredients in a stable and safe form, ensuring optimal performance and results for our customers.

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