Vest Creation Sdn Bhd, established in 2018, has built a strong market presence over 6 successful years. Shyn™ Skincare as one of its subsidiaries. The company primarily focus is on prioritizing consumer needs. 

Known for delivering high-quality products and services, Vest Creation's dedication to excellence has earned it recognition and rewards.

A board-certified pharmacist with 16 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry joint forces with a Board of Engineers Malaysia registered Engineer established SHYN™ skincare. Additionally, the Pharmacist founder's expertise in ISO internal auditing and involvement in GMP highlights their proficiency in pharmaceutical operations.

As we have done our research and development for the past 3 years, our goal at SHYN™ is to create skincare products that are both kind and effective, specifically developed for sensitive skin, acne prone skin and eczema skin. Our dedication to helping you attain a healthy skin barrier is always in line with our commitment to the health of our world through our creative usage of cutting-edge ingredients and commitment to our engineered packaging. Our strong brand values and professional approach to skincare will be never-ending.

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